Our Story

Since the end of lockdown, we have headlined Sutton's Sound Lounge and The Half Moon Putney's new music night, and played at the 02 Islington and Hoxton's Underbelly. Usually, we attract 40 local fans.

We formed in 2018 in South London, and began writing and recording simple but catchy jangle rock songs. We gained the attention of local radio stations, such as BBC Surrey and Sussex, with our single Decline and Fall. However, we wanted to establish a more original sound.

Peter Neilan (18), our main songwriter, is classically trained, so we thought that it would be fitting to combine folk and classical motifs with the indie rock groove which we had already established. Applying some aspects of Common Practice Theory to our songs would add harmony and texture, such as in our singles 'The Crystal Palace' and 'Through the Lens', which features a string quartet lead by Jamie Frost, an outstanding violinist.

We record at Crown Lane Studio in Morden, and our recent songs have gained traction on local stations such as BBC Surrey and Surrey Hills Radio, as well as indie rock stations across the country.  There is much anticipation surrounding our next single, 'Marigold'.



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